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Restaurant International is closed on January 25
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  • RESTAURANT INTERNATIONAL guarantees reservations for a maximum of 20 minutes in respect with the cut of time of 1 pm at lunch and 7 pm at dinner.
  • Reservations showing up after 1 pm at LUNCH or after 7 pm at DINNER will not be accepted as to not affect the end time of the classes in session.
  • Increase in guest numbers will not be accepted unless the restaurant is notified at least 5 hours in advance.
  • Guaranteed numbers for parties greater than 16 (sixteen) must be confirmed 10 days in advance. A drop in group’s numbers within 24 hours prior to the function will be subjected to a charge for each missing guest based on the average meal cost.
  • Clients reserving for groups larger than 8 (eight) people will be seated at separate tables in order to accommodate the course curriculum.
  • Seating arrangements are evenly distributed ex. (10 = 2 tables of 5, 12 = 2 tables of 6 etc.)
  • Split tables for large groups should not exceed (8) eight people. Groups greater than 16 will require three or more tables.
  • Guests making reservations larger than 8 (eight) may be served with a time laps as food will not come out at the same time for each table. This is to accommodate the course curriculum.
  • Menu style: The restaurant reserves the right to select the style of menu to be served for parties of 16 guests or more. Note: parties increasing to or passing this guest minimum as per the Increase Policy will also be subjected to a menu style selection.
  • Seating arrangements: The restaurant reserves the right on how the room is to be set up.
  • PLEASE NOTE: all final menu options, service style, room and table set up are to be determined by the professors whose classes are operating the function. This is to guarantee the proper delivery of the course curriculum. Any changes must be approved by the professors teaching that function.